Birthday Party PlayTub™


Multi-role play scheme that teaches the primary role of the birthday boy/girl and the secondary role of the birthday party attendant

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The PlayTubs™ were developed by BCBAs based on play research to increase appropriate independent and sociodramatic play skills in children with autism and other developmental or language delays. Each PlayTubs™ correspond to Stage 3 in the PPLAC incorporating two complementary character roles chaining a sequence of actions and corresponding vocalizations (A/V). They include a play script and all the necessary toys to sequence 7 actions and vocalizations for two corresponding character roles. The play script includes removable picture panels displaying the primary character role on one side with an orange border and the secondary character role on the reverse side with a blue border. The picture panels contain a simple portrayal of the play item with the corresponding vocalization transcribed on the bottom.

Weight3 kg
Dimensions9 × 12 × 5 cm